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Haven Diaries – A glossary for domestic abuse awareness month

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At The Haven, raising awareness of domestic abuse is a lifetime commitment, alongside providing much-needed support and refuge for women and children.

This year we commemorated #domesticabuseawarenessmonth with a domestic abuse glossary. From A to Z we shared keywords and their meanings.

From the soaps to the news, domestic abuse has been a very topical issue this year. So tasked with coming up with a social media campaign, I thought it would be a good idea to break down some keywords that you may have come across, with a reminder of the signs to look out for, while also sharing simple and practical ways in which you too can commit to raising awareness and creating a much safer world for all.

The complete A to Z is available via The Haven’s Facebook page.

📞If you are in Wolverhampton and its surrounding areas and believe that you or someone you know is being subjected to abuse, call our free helpline on 08000 194 400 or live chat with us on our website –

If you cannot call our helpline, you can now contact us via WhatsApp between 9am and 7pm – 07719 558183. 

All thoughts shared are my own and not the views of my employer.

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