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All About Me

Who am I?

Maybe not all about me.
More like everything I would
like you to know about me.

I am a Charity Communications Creative and Social Disruptor who harnesses the power of the written word to disruptively challenge violence against women and girls and raise awareness of the various socio-economic issues faced by the 21st-century woman. As a passionate advocate, I strive to be a voice for the voiceless and relentlessly champion causes in support of the vulnerable and marginalised.

As a former women’s magazine editor, I was exposed to and became fully cognizant of the stereotypes and stigma associated with many of these issues. As an Architect of Stories currently working for a women’s organisation supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse, I engage with various stakeholders and use storytelling to raise awareness about the work the organisation does to support women and children who are vulnerable and at risk. 

Occasionally as a Branding and Communications Freelancer I empower small to medium-sized businesses and organisations by providing basic web and graphic design and expert copywriting services, helping them elevate their online presence and engage their target audience effectively in what has become a very competitive digital landscape. 

As a digital citizen, I strive to embrace innovation and ingenuity with no holds barred. I am aware that technology, in all its glory, must not erode our humanity and my mission is to find ways to bridge the gap in using tech for the greater good. I am currently in full on AI exploration mode.

When I am not writing, creating something relatively cool for women-led SMEs, or catering to my mini-me, you can find me singing along and dancing to RnB and Soul music classics from the eighties, right through to the noughties! 

All thoughts expressed on this website and elsewhere are my own, and not the views of my employer or any of my clients; past, present or to come. 

Charity communications creative by pay. Dissenting & disrupting with all my love by night & day.

All the content on this blog is categorised based on some of the hearts that I wear.

My professional diary about creating digital communications within the charity sector. Currently as the Architect of Stories for The Haven Wolverhampton.

My thoughts on all things creative, alongside my thoughts on my own progress as a creative – striving to make ‘professionalism on a budget’ my mission – in a world where creativity is becoming increasingly democratised.

A display of my aversion to conforming to societal expectations, my unpopular & often uncensored opinions & observations, & my refusal to be trapped by dogma. You can find me here socially commenting and unapologetically shaking tables for whatever it is I truly believe in. 

When your parents hide the world from you to protect you, one day the world will find you & what a day it will be.  I’ve had my hard knocks and shocks but the lessons abound. So here I am, schooling life & sharing useful tips & tricks for thriving, loving & laughing!

Where gender stereotypes don’t wash. Where it is okay to “fight like a girl” & women can be assertive without being called “bossy”. Where activism & advocacy meet to deliberate gender equity. Where you’ll find my pen fighting the patriarchy

'The Fight'...

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