Pamilerin Beckley

Pamilerin Beckley

Traditional Samburu Women

Where do you go when he strikes – The tale of three African women

Where do African women and children go when the patriarchy strikes? This post revisits the stories of three different women from three different cities in Africa who have been directly affected by domestic abuse. Where do they go if they manage to muster the courage to leave? To family members or government officials who will send them back into the lion’s den?

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No justice for women in a patriarchal court system!

A woman is murdered every 3 hours in South Africa. The chances of families getting justice in court are slim due to a patriarchal systems that are apathetic to violence against women and girls. Even with evidence in the deaths of Popi and Bongeka, no justice has been served.

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Is your workplace a safe haven?

#HavenAtWork is a campaign to raise awareness about the impact of domestic abuse on the workplace. We called for collective action and urged businesses to implement policies to support their employees.

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Why didn’t she leave they said…

Leaving an abusive relationship can be as dangerous as staying in one. After Barbara left, her abuser brutally killed her, continuing to shoot even after she was dead. This tragic event underscores the critical need for safety planning and support when leaving an abuser. Misogyny is rife. The patriarchy is real!

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