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16 Days of Activism was fast approaching and it was time to Orange The World! We had only just completed a A-Z campaign for domestic abuse awareness month and it was important that we focussed on something specific. Something that others are not necessarily talking about. Something that reflects the impact of “the shadow pandemic.”

And so I came up with the Haven At Work campaign to reach out to local businesses, so we can raise awareness, but also share information about our training and advisory services. I really enjoyed creating the content and the design for this campaign.

75% of victims of domestic abuse are targeted at work. Yet only 5 percent have policies in place to support their staff. This is ridiculous and it doesn’t take much. Prior to the Haven At Work campaign, we piloted a podcast episode where I got to discuss working from home and how employers can support staff with our training manager. We published it on World Health and Safety Day in 2020.

Today, the Business Minister has written an open letter to businesses, encouraging them to support their staff. It only took cases skyrocketing while working from home, for this need to be openly recognised by the government.

I can only hope that more businesses will begin to take this seriously. For more information on why domestic abuse is a workplace issue too, watch this video below which I wrote and produced for The Haven.

Feel free to check again later as I am hoping to edit the above to replace the animated voice over with a real person, when there is more capacity.

All thoughts shared are my own and not the views of my employer.

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