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Song title: 3. You Can Do It
Album: Hue (Audio Last Will & Testament)
Artist: Mickey Factz

Wayback Wednesday – a year ago today we launched this web design for Mickey Factz’s album release. It’s almost time to rebrand the website again for the next project so in honour of Baby Hue’s 2nd birthday today, please search for the album “Hue” on all your music platforms.

When I heard it for the first time I told Mark that within it you’d find the nuggets that Lauryn Hill needed to receive from her father, to avoid “The Miseducation” she endured! If she was a boy that is. An introspective, open and unfiltered love letter from a father to his son; it truly is an ode to the joys and trials of fatherhood. It heaps blessings upon baby Hue and motivates him, while also teaching him some real life lessons on growing up as a black man in America.

Mark is my favourite person to work with because he simply gives me the project artwork and then creative freedom to do as I please. My goal for this site was to create something very simple and clean without giving “basic” vibes. I embraced “white space” and used the colours from the typography on the artwork as accent colours.

A previous design I worked on for this client was featured on the Wix blog in a post titled ‘8 Awesome Design Tricks To Grab Your Visitors’ Attention’. Wix said “Musician Mickey Factz has one of the most creative headers we’ve ever come across. A personal touch like this goes a long way.”

Congratulations also on recently celebrating 15 years in this crazy industry, Mark. Wishing you, Iesha and your Sonshine the very best. 

Previous design for Mickey Factz

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