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Haven Diaries – Talking gender stereotypes and girl empowerment with Frontline

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Frontline launched a podcast series called Stories of Change during the lockdown. Their goal was to share stories of people and organisations who are bringing about social change for disadvantaged children and families. I was delighted to have a conversation with host Leila Hediyat for the final episode of the first series – Learning From Lockdown. We talked about delivering frontline services during COVID, digital services for victims of domestic abuse, calling out sexism and challenging gender stereotypes, and the importance of empowering the girl child. Change they say starts with a conversation and I am always open to discourse.

Do not be afraid to challenge and reflect on your own internalised biases and call out sexism and gender stereotypes… One of the greatest disservices that society has done to the girl child is that we have told her she can be whoever she wants to be, that she can command respect and she can be empowered, and yet time and time again it is obvious that we have failed her when it comes to how we raise our boys.

Pamilerin Beckley
“This week we spoke to disrupter in chief, digital citizen, and Architect of Stories, Pamilerin Beckley, from The Haven – a Wolverhampton-based charity, supporting women and children who are vulnerable to domestic abuse and homelessness. With domestic violence on the rise during the lockdown, Pamilerin shares how The Haven have embraced all things digital to continue to provide and enhance service delivery, keeping everything centered on the needs of the women. Finally, Pamilerin talks about the importance of empowering the girlchild, and calling out sexism and gender stereotypes. Her energy is contagious – listen and get inspired!”

Frontline is a UK charity striving to create social change for children who do not have a safe or stable home. Find out more here.

All thoughts shared are my own and not the views of my employer.

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